Dosing Techniques

Outlined below are four different techniques for dosing Indian Almond Leaves in your aquarium:

Note: The use of activated carbon will remove the tannins from the water and consequently all the benefits the leaves provide within your aquarium. It is therefore recommended to remove activated carbon prior to commencing a dosing regime of Indian Almond Leaves.


Following the dosing directions outlined on the Indian Almond Leaves page add the leaves to your aquarium. After approximately 1-3 days the leaves will become water-logged, sink and begin working their magic. At this point the water will start tanning (to a clear amber colour) and provide a natural environment for your tanks inhabitants.

Once you notice your leaves start disintegrating (this usually takes between 2-4 weeks dependent on how vigorously they are grazed upon by catfish or shrimp, remove the leaves and replace with new ones.


Using either Indian Almond Teabags or chopped up leaves, add the leaves to a container with boiling water as if you were making tea. The water will take on the colouration of dark tea and once cooled can be dosed into your aquarium until the desired colouration of the water is achieved. Excess tea can be stored in the refrigerator up to one week. (the dosage quantities described in the direct application can also be followed in chopping up leaves. If teabags are utlised, 1 teabag =1.5 leaves). This method can also be used by soaking the leaves in cold water for 3-4 days and adding the tanned water to the aquarium and topping up the water in the container. The leaves can be used until the water ceases to change colour.


Using a filter bag, add crumpled leaves according to the standard dosing quantities and place in a high flow location within your filter, preferably after any filter wool or mechanical filtration. Leaves should be replaced every 2-4 weeks.



  1. Add 50 leaves and 4 litres of water into an adequate sized pot and let soak for 24 hours (it is recommended to weigh the leaves down to stop them from floating)
  2. After 24 hours (day 2) boil the leaves for 15-20 minutes, allow to cool and soak for a further 24 hours
  3. After 24 hours (day 3) boil the leaves for 15-20 mintes once more and allow to cool. At this point the water should be black and extremely fragrant
  4. Filter the water through a paper coffee filter and store in a sealed plastic of glass container and refrigerate until needed.


Dosage: 10ml / Litre